From growing up on a farm in downstate Illinois to living and practicing law in Chicago Marcia learned the importance of hard work, preparation and honesty.

Over 25 years of concentrating in family law has provided Marcia with experience in all areas–divorce, legal separation, declaration of invalidity (annulment), adoption, child custody and visitation, child and spouse support, college contribution, marital and non-marital property valuation and division, attorneys fees as well as enforcement and modification of existing judgments.

Marcia understands the fear and anxiety that those faced with a family law matter often feel. She will work to explain processes and options in order to help her clients understand what is happening and participate in making decisions in matters that will affect them immediately and into the future.

Marcia did an excellent job representing me during my divorce. She was able to negotiate and resolve matters quickly. I was very happy with the outcome of the settlement agreement which I credit Marcia with in her professionalism and negotiating skills. – Tom