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Divorce, Custody, Support, Valuation, Enforcement, Modification


Separation and Dissolution of Marriage is hard.
I understand the fear and anxiety. I’ll work with you to explain the process and help you understand … 

Custody / Support

Support and Division of Parental Responsibility can be complicated. I’ll strive to carefully walk you through each step in the process…


Property Valuation and Division is very technical. We have the expertise in Valuation and Property Division, especially for High Net Worth couples …

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Marcia Lipkin | Attorney at Law

With over 25 years of family law focus, I have the experience in all areas–divorce, legal separation, declaration of invalidity (annulment), adoption, child custody and visitation, child and spouse support, college contribution, marital and non-marital property valuation and division, attorneys fees as well as enforcement and modification of existing judgments…

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My Approach

I’m here to help guide you.

I understand the fear and anxiety you may feel in a family law matter. I will work with you to explain the processes and options in order to help you as a client understand what is happening and participate in decision-making in matters that will affect you immediately and in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My spouse just filed for divorce.  What’s the first thing I should do?

The first thing you should do is talk with an attorney.  You need to know what the law provides regarding children, support and property when a marriage is dissolved.  You also need to know what the court rules say you need to do to participate in the case.  Time is important so see an attorney as soon as you can.

I’m considering divorce, what steps should I take?

You should first talk with an attorney.  Even if you have a very small, simple case and you plan to represent yourself, you should have information from a lawyer about the issues that will have to be determined and the court process in which it will occur.

Can we both use the same attorney in an uncontested divorce?

No.  You cannot both be represented by the same attorney.  If one party has an attorney and the other does not but rather represents him/herself (pro se), the attorney can draft the agreement that the two parties reach between themselves.  The attorney and his/her client can then go to court to get the divorce.  However, the attorney cannot represent the other party or give that person any legal advice.  

What’s the current law about child support?

In 2017 the Illinois statute for calculating child support was changed from a percentage of the payor’s net income to a shared income approach. That means both parent’s incomes are considered when child support is calculated. As a result of the tax act enacted in late 2017, the statute was changed again for 2019 to calculate based on both parties’ net incomes (after taxes) whereas before it was based on their gross incomes.  

Can my ex-spouse move out of state with our children?

Yet another change in the IMDMA is the provision allowing a parent to move out of state with a child if it is within 25 miles of the current Illinois residence. If the distance is more than 25 miles, the other parent has to agree or a court has to allow the move. In any event, a court order should be entered allowing the move.

If I go after my child’s father for paternity, does he have to get visitation?

If he is legally determined to be the father he has the right to have parenting time with his child unless he is found to be unfit or a serious risk of harm to the child.  The court determines visitation using the same factors that are to be used in divorce cases.


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